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Get great deals on these great items! Every item found here is in working order but may have minor cosmetic defects or no packaging. Please read each items description to learn more.


Wheels, Lightweight Plane Wheel (2.5"-5.0")

These Lightweight Tires/wheels for RC planes are treaded durable rubber wheels. they offer a strong but light option for your 3d plane and also give you significant shock absorption on landings.

These RC plane wheels are available in 3" and 3.5" sizes. 3" is good for 30cc and similar. 3.5" are good for 50cc and similar sized planes

Weight: Approximately 3oz PER pair




LEDs for Night Flying

LEDs for Night Flying Powerful LED array for Side Force Generators.

These very bright LED arrays are perfect for night flying and can be easily installed into your SFGs with no trouble. The SFGs are made to fit SOME of our planes, but with a little modification you can make these SFG fit nearly any wing with a flat outer edge.

The optimum voltage range for this item is 6.6v to 7.4v.

** These LEDs work perfectly with our Side Force Generators! Great for night flying for hours of fun!!!**

**You will need 4 LEDs if you plan to use them with the SFGs- this will provide the optimal amount of light for safe flying. Two LEDS illuminate the top of your plane while the other two illumanate the bottom.**

CLICK HERE for Side Force Generators!



30cc Replacement Parts Bag ($120 value!)

30cc Replacement Parts Bag Valued at $120 if sold separately!

These are all the parts that come in our 30cc Edge and Slick kits:

  • 2x 3.25" Aluminum hub wheels ($15.99)
  • 2x 30cc Axels ($14.99)
  • Carbon Fiber Servo Arm set (4 Single and 1 Double/rudder) with bolts and nuts ($19.99)
  • Pull/Pull Rudder set (2 fiber glass horns with wire, ball links and flat copper tension bolts) ($15.99)
  • 30cc Carbon Fiber Tail wheel set ($17.99)
  • Canopy and Wing bolts ($4.99)
  • 4x Fiber glass horns with ball links ($11.99)
  • 4 adjustable Push rods (2x140mm 2x65mm)  ($9.99)
  • plus Throttle servo box,12" velcro and some extra screws and washers



Set of Servo Arms.

Set of Servo Arms. Includes 5 different arms. Regular servo arm, full arm, circle arm, Plus, Star. Includes rubber pieces with hardware



Mini Switch

Mini Switch



JR Jump Wire

JR Jump Wire



JR wire split to individual +, -, and signal

JR wire split to individual +, -, and signal



Servo Wire 3 to 3 individual

Servo Wire 3 to 3 individual



Mini Screwdriver for Powerboard

Mini Screwdriver for Powerboard



60mm machine bolt

60 mm machine bolt. (threaded section = 22mm)
Diameter= 4.8mm



Control Horn Set w/ ball joint

Control Horn Set w/ ball joint
Includes: Two control horn assemblies.



Deluxe Power Board LED light

Deluxe Power Board LED light
Super Bright!