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20cc Aluminum Landing Gear

20cc Aluminum Landing Gears



20cc Carbon Fiber Landing Gear

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Carbon Fiber Landing Gear for 20cc Planes.
Fits the 20cc Sbach Profile and the 20cc Yak Profile. Strong woven carbon fiber landing gear. Please note, the Carbon fiber landing gear is slightly lower/shorter than the aluminum landing gear but still allows clearance for a typical GAS prop. Longer E props may not clear as easily.

Dimensions (see reference photo):

A= 1"

B= 2 1/4"

C= 6 1/2"

D= 1"

E= 5/8"



Carbon Fiber Wing Tubes


RedwingRC Carbon Fiber Wing Tubes are strong and light weight, exactly the way it should be. They provide your wings with a lot of strength so you can fly till your heart's content without adding any extra weight.

Available in three sizes, a 20cc, 30cc and 50cc size.

Details (approx.):

20cc - Diameter: 3/4" / Length: 24 1/4"
30cc - Diameter: 3/4" / Length: 29 5/8"
50cc - Diameter: 1" / Length: 38 3/8"