HiTec 7245 MH

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HiTec 7245 MH

HiTec 7245 MH
HiTec 7245 MH
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The PERFECT 30cc Dual Elevator Servo

At ONLY 1.2 oz PER servo, or 2.4 oz for 2 - delivering 150 or 180 oz-in in tandem (6v/7.4v) The Hitec 7245 MH is a perfect option for 30cc elevator servos. The 7245MH gives you the tornque you need while being nice and lightweight for tail heavy models (Sbachs tend to be tail heavy for example due to the scale shape). Saving you 2 oz in the tail of the plane can save you as much as 6 oz in the nose!

Watch out, here it comes! Our new high voltage, coreless HS-7245MH servo delivers exceptional speed and torque in a compact package. The 7245 is built with an efficient coreless motor optimized for 7.4V operation and heavy-duty metal gear train with dual ball bearings, this high-end mini servo delivers unbridled performance just like its brother, the HS-7235MH.

Whether you are flying mid-size gas and electric airplanes, 500-550 electric helis, or driving 1/12th scale on-road racers and 1/18th scale rock crawlers, the full-size muscle of the Hitec 7245 MH servo will make you the master of your RC domain.

Exceeding Your Expectations Is What We Do! Hitec 7245MH


  • Torque:
    • 72 oz/in at 6V (5.2 kg/cm)
    • 89 oz/in at 7.4V (6.4 kg/cm)
  • Speed:
    • .13 sec at 6V
    • .11 sec at 7.4V
  • Voltage: 6V - 7.4V
  • Weight: 1.20 oz (34g)
  • Size: 1.28 x 0.66 x 1.29 in (32.4 x 16.8 x 32.8 mm)
  • Motor Type: Coreless
  • Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearings
HiTec 7245 MH

HiTec 7245 MH

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Talon 90 ESC








Castle's Talon 90 ESC with heavy duty BEC is designed for today's servos - producing 9 amps of continuous power and its potential power peaking* at 20 amps!

Fixed wing - applications drawing up to 90 amps continuously on 6S. BEC is capable of powering most servo sets in planes - Talon 90 is ideal for our 30cc planes! The innovative case ensures cooling in even the toughest mounting locations.

*Peak indicates amperage susatainable for 0.5 seconds - long enough for most servos' current draw transients. Your setup may vary. Always confirm servo current draw befire the first flight.


Amperage: 60 & Up
Auto Cutoff: Programmable
BEC Voltage: 6V or 8V, user selectable; 9A continuous, 20A peak output
Brake: Programmable
Continuous Maximum Current: 90A
Height: 0.7 in (18mm)
Input Connector Types: Bare wire
Input Voltage: 3S-6S LiPo
Length: 3.14 in (80mm)
Output Connector Types: 5mm female bullets
PWM Frequency: Programmable
Type: Brushless
Weight: 3.0 oz (84.5 g)
Width: 1.7 in (43mm)


  • On-board selectable six-or eight-volt BEC
  • Adjustable low-voltage cutoff
  • Adjustable brake type
  • Adjustable PWM switching rate
  • Innovative case provides fan-free cooling
  • Works with 3S-6S LiPos





MKS-X8 Hub Set

MKS-X8 Hub Set

Horn set includes 2 X8 (8mm) Hubs and hardware
For use with X8 8mm Servos
HBL380, HBL850, HBL880 and HBL860



Sopwith Camel 1.2M 1200mm (47.2") Balsa Wood Kit Electric Aircraft

Sopwith Camel 1.2M 1200mm (47.2") Balsa Wood Kit Electric Aircraft