Redwing RC Aluminum Servo Circle Arms

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Redwing RC Aluminum Servo Circle Arms

Redwing RC Aluminum Servo Circle Arms
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Now made to fit JR/Spektrum (23T-silver), Hitec (24T-blue), OR BlueBird/Savox/Futaba/PowerHD/XQpower (25T-black)

Made to line up with Redwing, Goldwing, and MOST other ARFS that include servo arms. The holes pre drilled are threaded for a 2mm bolt (4-included), so that you do NOT have to use a nut on the bottom. Just a little loc tite on the servo arm threads, and tighten. YOUR DONE!

Great combo with our carbon fiber servo arms and are a perfect companion to any of our planes.

Not sure if it's the best thing since sliced bread, but it's close!

1 circle $4.99
5 = $19.95
10= $38.90

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Carbon Fiber Servo Arm Set


Our carbon fiber servo arms are a perfect companion to any of our planes. They come with bolts and nuts, and for an additional combo price you can combo them with our Redwing RC aluminum circle arms, so you can just tighten and go! No nuts necessary and super strong aluminum and CF combo!!


Carbon fiber servo arms feature:

Lightweight and Strong
Pre drilled for circle arms
Multiple length options

Fit ANY servo (using the circle arms that come with your servo, OR our optional aluminum servo arms for MANY servos)



LiFe Batteries 2S

Our LiFe Batteries (also known as A123 Batteries) have huge advantages over most other options.

1) LiFe Batteries are lightweight - as light as Lipos
2) LiFes are safer than Lipos (do not combust easily like lipos)
3) LiFe Batteries supply a constant voltage (They stay right near 6volts from start to finish ensuring consistent flights)
4) Run Life batteries to your servos and ignition without regulators (For extra caution some people run a regulator to their ignition still)
5)Life's have a high Charging Capacity. Charge up to 5amps, allowing you to charge them up in MINUTES!

The 2100 or 3000 Mah can be used as a SINGLE battery system for 30cc planes. (we recommend spliting the lead and put 2 JR leads on, to run to the receiver and the other to ignition). You can also run a single 3000 Life Battery on a 50cc Plane.

The 1450mah LiFE Battery is a great option for those that want a separate battery for ignition and receiver (if you are running FM or hesitant to use a single battery system). The 1450mah Life is a great battery for the ignition for either a 30cc or 50cc sized plane

We recommend the following:
On the MXSR (2) 2100mah, or 1 3000mah placed on the mount box or front of the plane. It is a bigger plane and will do well with the extra voltage and weight.
Other 30cc planes - (1) 1450mah for ignition, (1) 2100mah for receiver or for a lighter set up
(1) 2100mah for both (split the wire to 2 leads) OR (2) 1450mah (one for ignition one for receiver).

50cc sized planes (1) 1450mah LiFe battery for ignition and (1) 3000mah LiFe battery for receiver or, for a lighter set up
(1) 1450mah for ignition, and (1) 2100 for receiver OR (1) 3000mah LiFe for both receiver and ignition

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Explains whether to use a regulator or not, 2 batteries or 1 for your plane, Redundancy and more.


  • Type: LiFe Battery (same technology as A123)
  • Weight:
    • 1450mah - 2.8oz,
    • 2100mah - 4oz,
    • 3100mah Life - 5.5oz
  • Size:
    • 1450mah- 15mm x 34mm x 87mm,
    • 2100mah- 12mm x 50mm x 106mm,
    • 3000mah- 130mm x 45mm x 15m
  • Voltage: 6.6Volts
  • Discharge rate:
    • 20c maximum continuous
    • 40c maximum burst
  • 2 cells (2s)
  • 14gauge Wire
  • Connectors: Two Options!
    • T Connector (T connector that fit a standard Dean)
    • XT-60 Connector. Choose Below
  • Also a balancing lead

Be sure to select the XT connector if purchasing for use with our Power Box PRO's. Please select connector type: Deans or XT.



  • 1450mah - $15.99
  • 2100mah - $25.99
  • 3000mah - $39.99



Savox SC-0251 MGP Larger Metal Gear Standard Digital Servo, 0.18sec / 222oz @ 6.0V

Savox SC-0251 MG Larger Metal Gear Standard Digital Servo, 0.18sec / 222oz @ 6.0V:

Ever go to a restaurant and look at the menu and think to yourself - "there's so many options that all just look so good!" - and have trouble deciding? Well here at Redwing RC our awesome servo collection is very similar! We have a great variety of spectacular servos to choose from so there is something for everyone! But let's introduce yet another great option to consider - the Savox SC-0251.

These SC-0251 are a larger standard size digital servo great for up to a 50cc size aircraft. They are even environmentally friendly - Redwing is going green! Precision made metal gears form a strong and solid framework and strict production and quality control of plastic components ensure high performance! (You know how Redwing RC is a stickler for good quality)

Be sure to order yours today!



  • Torque:
    • 180.5 oz/in at 4.8V
    • 222.2 oz/in at 6V
  • Speed:
    • .20 sec at 4.8V
    • .18 sec at 6V
  • Voltage: 4.8V to 6V
  • Weight: 2.15 oz ( 61g)
  • Size: 1.6 x .65 x 1.66 in (40.7 x 16.6 x 42.4 mm)
  • Gear Type - Metal
  • Case- Plastic
  • Bearing - dual ball bearings
  • Frequency - 200-250hz
  • Output Shaft - 25 Tooth Spline














Miracle CNC Heavy Duty Half Servo Arm 1.25-1.5" and 1.75-2" (Futaba/Hitec/JR)

Miracle CNC Heavy Duty Half Servo Arm 1.25-1.5" and 1.75-2" (Futaba/Hitec/JR)