Scorpion A-5025-310KV (8s / 30-35cc / 3800+w) 19-21" Props

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Scorpion A-5025-310KV (8s / 30-35cc / 3800+w) 19-21" Props

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Manufacturer Scorpion

Scorpion A-5025-310KV (8s / 30-35cc / 3800+w) 19-21" Props 

The Scorpion A - Series line of motors was designed to be the most optimal and premier choice of motor for your freestyle or UAV airplane. We have achieved incredible performance through incredible efficiency. By optimizing the magnets in the rotor, and using the best quality 0.2mm thickness silicon steel stator sheets, and enamel coated copper wire windings rated above 200C+, the performance and efficiency results are unlike anything we have seen before! Combined with a robust design which has been tested extensively by our world class team pilots for longevity and reliability, we feel this motor checks and exceeds all measurable categories!





Motor Kv 415 RPM / Volt
Weight (Motor only) 523.4g (18.46 oz)
Weight (including Prop mount accessories) 548.40g (19.344 oz)
Motor Body Dimensions 59.3 mm x 52.6mm (+ 18mm prop spacer) (2.33" x 2.07 (+0.70 prop spacer))
External Shaft Diameter 8mm
Continuous Current 108A
Continuous Power 2400 Watts
Peak Current* 155A
Peak Power* 3441 Watts
Max Rated Lipo Cell** 6s
Stator Diameter 50.0 mm (1.97 in)
Stator Thickness 25 mm (.984 in)
No. of Stator Arms 12
Magnet Poles 14
Motor Wind 5T Delta
Motor Wire 23-Strand x 0.33mm
No-Load Current (IO/20V) 2.15 Amps
Motor Internal Resistance 5.45m?
*Our ratings are classified as TRUTHFUL. Continuous Current / Power correlates to actual sustainable power levels. Peak Power is for intermittent full throttle usage ranging from 5 - 60 seconds depending on use case and cooling*
**Higher Cell Count possible with smaller prop usage**

Performance Charts


Scorpion A-5025-415kv Data chartScorpion A-5025-415kv Data chart

Included in the Box

1 x A-5025 Motor
1 x Cross Mount
3 x 6mm Female Connectors
3 x Heat Shrink
1 x Hardware Accessory Bag

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