SmoothFlite ARXL-- Smart Bus with built in 26 channel gyro

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SmoothFlite ARXL-- Smart Bus with built in 26 channel gyro

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Weight 1.50 lbs
Manufacturer Booma RC

SMOOTHFLITE RRS--26 channel gyro and power expander designed for SBUS2, Xbus, HoTT, Jeti and SRXL

SmoothFlite, like flying on a calm day

Welcome to the world's lightest and most advanced 26 channel Gyro and Power distribution system. SmoothFlite - Giant Scale RC flying just got better. 

We have focused extensively on the user experience being ultra simple-to-use and all reports we have had back from our test team say we have hit the nail on the head. Super simple to use compared to all other well know systems.

Smooth Flite gives you the confidence of dual redundant receivers high current regulated power with 26 fully programmable channels, 3 axis gyro, 3 axis accelerometer, compass and a barometer, 3 optional Sequencers and easy setup with a full color touch screen interface. The Smooth Flite system allows you to assign as many Gyro outputs as necessary, allowing even the largest of Scale models to have the ease of control that a gyro allows.

Smooth Flite algorithm has been specially designed for RC models so that you can guarantee locked in performance. We use state of the art programming to predict and calculate where your model is headed, giving Smooth Flite an advantage over other Gyros.

Supports multiple Protocols

What do you fly, Futaba, JR/DFA, Spektrum, Graupner, Jeti or Multiplex? Whatever you fly, Smooth Flite has you covered. With the ability to change the protocol at the touch of a button, the Smooth Flite system can be easily changed from model to model with different receivers in each.

Twenty Six fully assignable and programmable outputs

Looking at that next big project and wondering how you’re going to power all those servos, the Smooth Flite system is equipped with 26 fully programmable outputs, all via a single cable connected to your receiver. Each channel is freely assignable to any input and can be reversed and matched to any other channel on the Smooth Flite. Building that next giant scale model Smooth Flite has got it covered. 

Easy to Use

Smooth Flite comes with pre-configured channel mapping that matches your chosen radio brand so model setup is really simple. Of course, for advanced setups all 26 channels can freely be assigned to any transmitter channel. 

Telemetry ready

Smooth Flite RRS provides live feedback for both of your batteries on your radio. Monitor the voltage and capacity for each battery any time during the flight. Ensure your batteries are ready for the next flight.

The Next standard in Servo Matching.

In the RC industry precision is key. How can you expect to be precise when no two servos are identical, giving you varied results no matter how well you mechanically match them. Smotth Flite allows you to match your servos across 15 individual points, with 8000 step resolution so you can finally achieve matched perfection on your elevators, flaps, multi-engines and more. Take the hassle out of your new setup and have a model that raises your skills.

Sub-Trim and reverse on all outputs

Ever spent hours, mechanically matching servos and never being able to get them just right or had to use a separate channel on your receiver, just to reverse a servo? With our intuitive and simple setup, you can easily sub-trim at the center and end-points of all your outputs on the Smooth Flite. Using Smooth Flite you can individually reverse your servos at the touch of a button. Smooth Flite gives you ultimate power at your fingertips.

Regulated voltage gives you precise, repeatable, results.

It is difficult to manage a model’s voltage that is constantly changing. With our high powered 220A regulator FETS, we remove the changing voltage from the equation and give you pure constant regulation. As battery voltage drops from use, changes in speed and power to your servos are realized. Regulated voltage ensures your servos and model operate the same time after time.

RRS - Redundant Receiver technology

Smooth Smooth Flite RRS provides the best and latest in signal sharing technology. The redundant receiver system ensures your model is utilizing both receivers. Unlike other power systems, Smooth Flite always reads the signal from both receivers and uses an intelligent algorithm to select the best signal.

If a receiver fails or signal is lost, Smooth Flite automatically switches to the better receiver in less than one signal frame, ensuring constant control of your model. Reliability is a must with models today and with our redundant receiver system you can rest assured that your model is always in your control and reporting back to you.

With Smooth Flite all receiver events are recorded and will remain even when powered down so you can review receiver health and signal strength between flights.

Vibrant color touch screen display.

Gone are the days of finicky buttons and rotating dial frustrations, no more bind plugs and small screw drivers needed. The vibrant Smart Display provides pilots feedback and simple programming all in one touch screen display. With intuitive buttons and a single setup design. Your model will be in the air before you know it.

SmoothFlite flight system (Gyro).

The The SmoothFlite is much more than just a gyro. It is a complete flight system that harnesses the power of a 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis compass plus a barometer! This combination of state-of-the art devices and our proprietary SmoothFlite algorithms provide pilots a very unique and scale like flying experience.

SmoothFlite key features:

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) takes the guess work out of setting up gain levels. Set up your gain for normal flying and SmoothFlite AGC takes it from there increasing and decreasing gain based on our proprietary algorithms. Switch to high gain for landings and know that SmoothFlite has your back with AGC reducing and increasing gain as required.
  • Advanced Vibration Filtering Calculations (VFC). Every RC model has different vibration levels. A gas model will produce much more vibration than an electric or turbine powered model. SmoothFlite takes all this into consideration.
  • Inertia Calculations. SmoothFlite uses the weight of a model and advanced algorithms to give your model a very scale like flight envelope.
  • Freely Assignable SmoothFlite control to any or all 26 programmable servo channels. SmoothFlite is the only system available today that allows pilots to assign gyro control to any and all outputs. For example, At the touch of a button you can assign gyro control to multiple rudder servos as well as the steering servo. You can then reverse, sub trim and move endpoint using the SmoothFlite system, resulting with gyro assisted control of ground steering as well as rudder.  
  • Second Variable Gain Control (VGC). Our engineers fly all types of models and knowing SmoothFlite will be used with many different flying styles, made an additional Variable Gain Control VGC so pilots can boost or cut the switchable gain settings. This is like having a variable turbo gain control to hyper boost or cut on the fly for super low speed flight.  
  • Proportional Control - is a switchable feature that reduces gain as the control stick moves away from the center position, giving pilots more control at the outer stick positions.

Triple Sequencer 

SmoothFlite comes with an option of 3 sequencers.

  • Sequencer 1 (Gear Sequencer) gives pilots 9 sequencer channels freely assignable to any of the 26 servo outputs.
  • Sequencer 2 (Canopy Sequencer) gives pilots 4 sequencer channels freely assignable to any of the 26 servo outputs.
  • Sequencer 3 (Aux Sequencer) gives pilots an additional 4 sequencer channels freely assignable to any of the 26 servo outputs. These Aux sequencers can be for bomb drop, Speed brake or chute deployment.

With SmoothFlite - Giant Scale RC just got better. 

To see all the Advanced Features in detail please download the user guide

download the SmoothFlite Version 5 Instruction from this link


  • Redundant Receiver system – works with dual or single receiver system
  • Mutli-protocol support SBus2,DSMX,XBus,HoTT and EXBus
  • Telemetry ready
  • 26 fully programmable and assignable channels
  • Works with single or dual battery configuration.
  • Works with all battery chemistries. LiFe. LiPo, Lion, NiMh, NiCD.
  • Full Dual Battery Redundancy - If one battery fails the other battery takes full control.
  • Vibrant Color 2.4inch diagonal touch screen with 64k color
  • Screen case dimensions 3.4 x 2.0 x 0.5 inches (86 x 50 x 12)mm
  • Smooth Flite dimensions 4.2 x 3.0 x 0.9 inches (107 x 78 x 23)mm
  • Smooth Flite weight (108gms) without colour screen.
  • Triple regulator design with dual 100A power regulator FETS.
  • Multi-match technology.
  • 3-axis gyro, accelerometer, compass and a barometer.
  • Advanced Radio Proprietry Smooth Flite algorithms.
  • Optional sequencer package providing 3 sequencers.  

Smooth Flite RRS Introduction Video

Smooth Flite Version 5 Advanced Features

Smooth Flite Supported Protocols

Smooth Flite RRS Power Setup

Smooth Flite RRS Input to Output Routing

Smooth Flite RRS Gyro Setup


Smooth Flite Sub Trim and Servo Matching

Smooth Flite Sequencer Overview

Smooth Flite Crow and Flaperon Setup

Smooth Flite Elevon Setup

Receiver Setup

Gyro Setup

Sequencer Setup

Magnetic Switch Option

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Supplied with 1 x switch actuator and 1 x pin flags.



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