Falcon Beechwood Props

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Falcon Beechwood Props

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Now stocking Falcon Beechwood Electric Props (E).

We are proud to be an official retailer for Falcon© Brand Carbon Fiber and Beechwood Props. These high quality props are the real deal, a lightweight and durable beechwood prop. If you do not see the prop or size you are looking for, please email us at [email protected] We can order any Falcon Prop you need and have it shipped directly to you.



  • Made of high quality beechwood, Crafted for top quality & maximum effectiveness
  • Lightweight for quick spool up 
  • Designed to enhance engine torque and vertical performance
  • Pre balanced at the factory (final fine tuning recommended)
  • Beautiful looks, strength and performance
  • One of the quietest wood propellers available

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Drill Jig (30-55cc engines)

This Drill Jig is a high quality heavy steel jig that can be used to perfectly drill your props and spinners for the DLE 30cc, DLE 35RA, DLE55, DLE55RA, DA, DL, DLA, 50cc, MLD 28cc, and EVO 54cc

Simply slide the prop or spinner onto the guide and tighten down the bolt to secure it and drill out the holes using the included drill bits!



RCEXL HV 100A Switch (Brushed Motor Electric Start Switch)

RCEXL High Current Electronic Switch, 100A brush motor start electronic switch of relay v1.0 >35cc engines use

Booma RC

Booma RC pin flag switch for IntelliReg, Smart-Fly or Gryphon regulator. This pin flag switch Booma RC is an ultra high quality fail safe switch designed as a replacement switch for Smart-Fly systems, Power System, Power Expander, Regulators as well as Gryphon Heli regulators.

Supplied with 1 x switch actuator and 1 x pin flags.



Super Cub 750 Brushless RTF 4-Channel Aircraft with PASS (Pilot Assist Stability Software) System

31.5" EPP 3D Airplane YAK55 Features: • Kit version - Assemble and install your choice of electronics • All hardware accessories included in kit • Durable EPP material with realistic printing resemblance of a shark • Simple to build Specification: Wingspan: 800mm Length: 875mm Flying Weight: 400g Suggested Power System: Motor: 2212 1400KV ESC: 20A Servo: 9g *4 Propeller: SF 8-9inch Radio: more than 4CH BATT: 2S 1200-1500mAh (Not incl.) Different versions supplied as below: E1701=E17 YAK55 KIT+APC SF9047 E1702=E17 YAK55 KIT+Motor(2212 1400KV+3.5mm Banana Male Plug+3.0mm Prop Adapter) E1704=E17 YAK55 KIT+Motor+ESC(20A E-Power+3.5mm Banana Female Plug+XT60 Plug)+Servo(9g*4)