Bob Smith Industries INSTA-SET Foam Safe Accelerator Aerosol Spray (3.75oz)

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Bob Smith Industries INSTA-SET Foam Safe Accelerator Aerosol Spray (3.75oz)

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Bob Smith Industries INSTA-SET Foam Safe Accelerator Aerosol Spray (3.75oz)

INSTA-SET™ Foam Safe CA Accelerator. INSTA-SET™ is a catalyst which acts as an accelerator that allows CAs to quickly cure in thick layers by enhancing the alkaline conditions during polymerization. INSTA-SET™ in a spray bottle is normally used to cure the CA that flows from joints when parts are pressed together. Applying an additional bead of thick CA along a seam and then curing it with INSTA-SET™ significantly enhances a joint’s strength. For difficult to bond materials, INSTA-SET™ can be applied to one surface and CA to the opposite surface. When brought together, they will bond instantly. INSTA-SET™ is formulated with a strawberry scent and activates CA in 6 to 8 seconds without any degrading of the CAs strength, which can occur with many other accelerators. It is compatible with all surfaces, even clear plastic and white foam.

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Redwing Vinyl

Redwing Vinyl

Want to show your RedwingRC spirit?

Check out these awesome vinyl graphics for your car, truck, wall of your trailer, they work and look great anywhere! These high quality graphics are printed on quality air release vinyl for easy bubble free applications and are contour cut with color bleeds(where applicable) to prevent any stray white spots on the edges of the vinyl. Redwing graphics are laminated for MAXIMUM longevity so they will look great year round.

Key Features of laminated graphics:

  • Decreases fading and scratching
  • Has a nice glossy sheen
  • Increases vinyl life
  • Easy cleaning

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