5A HV Regulator 7.4V

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5A HV Regulator 7.4V

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Quick overview--Receiver and ignition regulator with 5A capability and preset output voltage of 7.4 volts.

Regulator 5amp at 7.4 Volt will suit most applications for all new high voltage servos (up to 7 servos). If you are on a buget and require a high quality regulator at an affordable price this Regulator is the ideal choice.

  • Works with all RC battery chemistries (minium battery pack input voltage of 8.0 volts).
  • Regulation output voltage of 7.4 volts preset.
  • 5 Amp constant current capability.
  • Input Voltage 8.4v to 25v. Works with LiPo and Lion chemistry.
  • Ideal as an ignition regulator in a high voltage ignition system.
  • Ideal as a receiver regulator up to 100cc models. Use 2 x Regulators in parallel for larger models.
  • Weight 20 grams.
  • Dimensions 50mm x 21mm (1.9 x 0.8 inches).
  • Works with all switches including Intelliswitch and  Wallaby Switch.
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10 Pack Hinges (Robart Style)

This package of 10 Pin Hinges are high quality steel pin hinges desinged to join your surfaces with strong free momvement. Built in the "Robart" style of hinge, they are strong and light and offer a high quality connection to your moving surfaces for 20cc or bigger planes

These hinges will install by drilling a 3/16" hole and inserting the hinge with a bit of glue.


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GT Power Servo Consistency Master.

With this cool device you can test up to 3 servos at a time for consistency and precision. With the GT Power servo tester you can see how servos react in three different testing modes. Manual, Neutral, and Automatic.


Manual Mode:: Turn the knob at different speeds however you want to check reaction time.

Neutral Mode:: Make the servo go back to the neutral position.

Automatic Mode:: "window wiper mode"- make the servo swing back and fourth at max angle.



  • Connect 1-3 servos simultaneously
  • Test in 3 different modes
  • Easy to read labels
  • LED lights