Throttle Arm Extension (#1)

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Throttle Arm Extension (#1)

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Universal Throttle Arm Extension (#1)

New Throttle Arm!

This extension provides extra room between throttle arm and choke arm.  Remove the existing throttle arms from the carb and slide this extension arm in place and tighten using the original screws.


  • LxWxH: 25.5x12x8mm
  • Efficient design

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DLE Muffler Extensions



DLE Muffler Extensions


Choose from 5 sizes!

These extensions fit over the exhaust exits on your DLE muffler. Below are some size dimensions and the muffler that each will fit. It is still a good idea to measure the exits on your muffler.

FORMAT: LxW (width is inside diameter)

A: 63x15 mm : DLE 20RA

B: 64x17 mm : DLE 35RA/40

C: 78x20 mm : DLE 55RA

D: 96x25 mm : DLE 55, DLE 111, DLE 120

E: 121x31 mm : DLE 61, DLE 85

*Sold individually- if you have a twin engine, you will need two extensions

*Each Hose extension comes with a metal clamp to tightly secure it to the muffler.




Tech Aero IBEC

Tech Aero IBEC



Servo Safety Locks, Multi or Single Color, 6-Pack

Servo Safety Locks, Multi or Single Color, 6-Pack
10 pack of servo safety clips. Made to retain your servo wires to keep them from slipping off during flight.

A must have to to ensure your servo connectors stay securely connected.

Packs of 10: