1/3 Scale Nieuport 28 (Giant Wingspan 111" 2825mm)

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1/3 Scale Nieuport 28 (Giant Wingspan 111" 2825mm)

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Historical  Background:

The Nieuport 28 C.1, a French biplane fighter aircraft flown during World War I, was built by Nieuport and designed by Gustave

Delage. Owing its lineage to the successful line of sesquiplane fighters that included the Nieuport 17, the Nieuport 28 continued

a similar design philosophy of a lightweight and highly maneuverable aircraft.

By the time the Nieuport 28 was available, the SPAD XIII had been chosen to equip the escadrilles de chasse of the Aéronautique

Militaire for 1918, and this fighter was also the first choice for the projected American "pursuit" squadrons.[2] In the event, a shortage

of SPADs led to Nieuport 28s being issued to four American squadrons between March and August 1918, becoming the first aircraft

to see operational service with an American fighter squadron.

Nieuport 28s saw considerable post-war service: in particular 50 were "returned" to America, and as well as army and naval service

these found civilian use, especially in Hollywood films.


Length: 1850mm
Flying Weight: 18-20kg 

Recommend Equipment:
Servo: ≥8KG
Engine: 60-120cc

Product List:

1* Un-assembled Balsa KIT:

Plywood sheet pack*1 1:1 installation drawing*1

Batten sets Operation instruction*1

Fiber cowl*1 Fiber servo arms*3

Metal landing gear set*1 Tail wheel set*1

Main wheel* 1 pair 4mm steel tube set*1

Blister part*4 Metal parts plate*2

Metal fitting bag*1 φ0.8mm steel wire*20M

φ1mm steel wire*10M



1/3 Scale detail and scheme-based on Nieuport 28.

Extremely lightweight, state-of-the-art all-wood construction

Fiberglass cowl

Complete Hardware Pack.

Stainless Steel Flying Wires and Terminations.

Sprung and Damped Telescopic Undercarriage.

Full-scale simulation metallicstructure.

Extensive Clear Drawings and Instructions.

Only Adhesives and Coverings are required to complete the airframe

KIT version does not included any electronic device.
Glue is not included.

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: *
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CNC Steel Turnbuckle (Tension Regulator) (10 pcs)

CNC Steel Turnbuckle Tension Regulator (10 pcs) 



Brass Collet with Tension Screw (10 pcs)

Brass Collet with Tension Screw



BF 110 Messerschmitt


RedwingRC Plug-and-Play aircraft!

Check out this really interesting design in the Warbird series- The Messerschmitt BF-110. This is such a great plane and because its constructed with damage resistant EPO foam it is very durable and will last along time. The Messerschmitt BF-110: 2X the motors, 2X the fun!!!

This model come with Flaps, Retracts, 2 ESCs, 2 Motors, and all the required servos. (Flaps will require a servo reverser either external or on the Transmitter). The build on this one is very easy and straight forward. The only surprise is the minimal work needed to get this plane in the air.

The twin motors will provide more than enough power and a majority of the flight can be flown at 50% throttle.

** Please note: It is important to calibrate the throttle and check the settings for both motors since this is a twin.



Key Features:

  • 6 Servos - Flaps factory installed (requires a servo reverser to use the flap servos)
  • Factory installed retracts with spring loaded retract door
  • Dual powerful dectrum motors installed
  • Spring loaded retract doors



Wingspan: 59in (1500mm)
Overall Length: 44.17in (1122mm)
Flying Weight: 1900g
Motor Size: 2 x BM 3512-850kv
Propeller: 2 x (10 x 6 x 3)
Radio / Transmitter: NOT INCLUDED (requires 6ch radio for flaps and retracts- not included)
Receiver: +5 Channel (NOT INCLUDED)
Servos: 6 servos installed ( 6 x 9g)
Speed Control : 2 x Dectrum 40Amp Installed
Battery: 14.8V 2200 mah 25C (not included)
Flight Times:

Average 5-7 Minutes

Assembly Time:

45min - 60 mins







Align T-Rex 700X Dominator Electric Helicopter Super Combo

Align T-Rex 700X Dominator Electric Helicopter Super Combo



Venom DRIVE 25C 2S 5000mAh 7.4V Graphene LiPo Hardcase Battery w/ UNI Plugs

Venom DRIVE 25C 2S 5000mAh 7.4V Graphene LiPo Hardcase Battery w/ UNI Plugs