Standoff (25mm) 100-120CC (Anodized Gas Engine 25mm Stand Off Mounting Kit w/6mm Nuts & Bolts- 4pcs)

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Standoff (25mm) 100-120CC (Anodized Gas Engine 25mm Stand Off Mounting Kit w/6mm Nuts & Bolts- 4pcs)

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Standoff (25mm) 100-120CC (Anodized Gas Engine 25m Stand Off Mounting Kit w/6mm Nuts & Bolts- 4pcs) 

These heavy duty stand offs are perfect for mounting large engines, they allow clearance from the firewall or to move the engine far enough forward for the prop driver assembly to clear the cowl. These stand offs are CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminum for lightness and durability, are anodized in red and supplied with 4 x 5mm mounting bolts with POM and metal washers. POM (polyoxymethylene) is a thermoplastic that is used in precision parts and has excellent stiffness and dimensional stability.

Stand Off Distance: 25mm
Mounting Bolt: 6mm
Color: Red
Suits:  DA120/GP123 and other similar engines
Quantity: 4 x stand offs, 4 x 6mm nut & bolt, 4 x 6mm washer, 8 x 6mm POM washer

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Redwing RC Tapered Wingbags


Our wingbags are made with the finest materials to protect your precious investment. There are 2 openings, one slot for each wing, a wing tube slot, that velcros shut, and comfortable carrying straps. They zip closed to prevent your wings from falling out when carrying. They are made of highly durable nylon, that is weather resistant. They have thick foam padding protecting the wings from the outside, as well as each other. Other bags that come close to this quality are $80-$90. But we want you to protect and show off our beautiful planes! So we offer these at bargain prices! Get them while you can. They always go fast when in stock.

Now EVERYONE can use and enjoy our amazing wing bags! Introducing 2 more sizes! Don't get caught without one for MOST sizes of plane!


  • High Quality Double Wing Bag Extra Duty Padding
  • Slot for wing tube
  • Heavy Duty Nylong Material
  • Quality Construction
  • Heavy Duty Zippers
  • Awesome Price!


Approximate Dimensions:



  • 24” at top
  • 41” long
  • 10” at bottom

  • 28” W at top
  • 47” long
  • 13” W at bottom
  • 32” at top
  • 54” long
  • 16” at bottom

    PLEASE confirm size needed before ordering!

    No more thinking to yourself - "those wing bags are cool but my wings won't fit" - because they WILL! We want everyone to have the same opportunity to protect their wings with style - and who are we to discriminate?!




Spark Plug - Genuine NGK CM-6 (10x8.6mm)

Spark plug for DLE Engines.



BLS-H51B V2 HELICAL GEAR, HV-DIGITAL, MEGA TORQUE, HIGH SPEED, BRUSHLESS +Servo Arm (62.9kg/873.6oz, 0.09sec at 8.4V)